It is a 20 minute consultation for us to get to know each other.   This is a time to discuss skill levels,  basic goals and experience in music.

Beginner pianists can just show up.  For experienced pianists please bring music you have been working on recently or anything memorized.

For vocalists,  please sing anything you know, recordings of your music or have something memorized to sing a capella (solo).  Or just show up and we will start from there!

Yes!  Anyone with the desire to learn music may enroll!  Let’s see what you can do?

6 years and up.

For students under 6 years it depends on attention levels and desire to learn in order to see how ready they are for lessons.

Lessons are once per week on the same day.  Those with busy high school or college work loads may reschedule as needed,  but regularity weekly is preferred.

Lessons are paid by month and due on the week you first started: 1st-10th,  10th-20th or 20-31st of the month.  Payments made 10days after the due period please add $20 to your amount.

If there is a 5 week month then please add payment for the 5th extra week.

For those in upper high school or college with heavy workloads,  lesson days can be adjusted on an individual basis.

Cash, checks (made to Baldwin Studios),  Venmo (preferred) or all major Credit Cards via Stripe (small fee applies).

Please plan ahead and mention something about your plans months beforehand!  There are easy payment options/adjustments for extended vacations that will help keep the process flowing smoothly.

Going on vacation suddenly?  Please pay the entire month due anyways and credits will be offered to make up later.  How else can a music studio support itself if several students vacation the same month?

Please give a 24hr notice to reschedule a lesson!  Canceling last minute or not showing up for a lesson makes it hard to make up.

To prevent spread of illness,  missed lessons may be rescheduled or credited no problem!

Please see COVID-19 policy for more details.

Missed lessons are hard to make up because the time has already been reserved.  It is requested to give a 24hr notice to make schedule changes.  Please do not deduct a missed lesson from your monthly due.

Some situations may offer an exception at the discretion of Baldwin Studios.  Thank you.

Piano students will need an acoustic piano and it should be tuned at least once a year.  Keyboards are also possible if they have weighted keys and has 76 to 88 keys.

Don’t own a piano yet?  To discover if piano may be right for your kids,  please start by visiting a relative or friends house and see if any interest is made toward playing their piano?

Start simple!  Reduce the social/economic pressure on your kids as learning piano takes patience and time.  Acoustic pianos are far better for fingers than clunky cheap keyboards!,  FB auctions, donation forums or thrift stores offer good prices for startup pianos or even giveaways?  Most uprights can be moved with a small cart dolly into a truck or small rented trailer.  You shouldn’t need a piano mover to get the job done cheaply.  Please be sure ALL the piano keys,  pedals and all inner components work and soundboard is not cracked!  Let the piano settle into your home climate/atmosphere for a while and then contact Baldwin Studios for lessons.

Once enrolled in lessons and steadily improving,  then please check out higher quality pianos from the same forums or a piano store in Reno NV!

Vocal students will also benefit with a 49 key basic keyboard for tuning the voice, hearing melody, pitches,  reading basic music, rhythm and chords.

Zoom is the same as in person. Methods are the same other than slightly altered.  Read more on Zoom lessons here.

Of course if a student is able to put time into practice,  there will be a stronger likelihood of success!

A 30-day notice to stop lessons is preferred please!  The entire monthly time-slot along with a reservation the following month (total of 60 days from payment) is made upon enrolling.

If you discontinue lessons mid-month you will be given a credit to reschedule missed lessons anytime.  No cash refunds please as the time is reserved. Thank you!

Baldwin Studios may turn anyone away for reasons such as:

  • Too many other activities or sports to be productive.
  • Missing lessons.
  • Irregular payments.
  • Late for lessons.
  • Lack of interest and zeal to carry on.

Situations and reasons may vary.

Pianists:  Please have your kids listen/watch piano performance videos of pianists playing all styles and genres before enrolling.  If your kids enjoy the music,  they are ready to enroll!  Beginners and advanced,  please prepare a piece or two for your first lesson.

Vocalists:  Please prepare a piece to sing from memory before enrolling.  If you have nothing to prepare as beginner then a folk tune or nursery rhyme is fine.

If you have any vocal issues please mention this in the Message box when you Sign Up.  If unsure about readiness to begin voice lessons,  please see a ‘Nose and Throat’ (Otolaryngologist) or ENT doctor.

Vocalists with asthma,  allergies, throat, neck,  physical conditions or anything worth mentioning you may add a brief note in the enrollment form.

Thank you!

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