Students are encouraged to perform in conventional piano and voice recitals with live audiences, or Zoom recitals.

Lessons are geared toward preparing students to perform their music in front of an audience.

Is Participating in Recitals Required?

For the most part yes,  but of course there are exceptions.  Performing helps with:

  • Building confidence in sharing hard work in practice with an audience!
  • Overall accuracy and attention to detail when others are listening!
  • Bringing joy to an audience who would otherwise never get to hear our music!
  • Learning what music is really about.

If a student does not want to perform in a recital,  they may be encouraged to build more confidence until they are ready to do so.

Why Perform?

Some folks can’t get enough of being on a stage!  Some might just love being in the center of attention, while others just want to be appreciated when playing or singing their music.  Some may love the feedback they get from the audience!  Some might just love the energy vibe only a great audience can give!  Whatever the reason,  it is always good to try to perform as much as possible to get the idea of what it is all about.  Everyone loves a great performance!

How are recitals scheduled?

Depending on the time of year.  It is preferred to have about 2 to 4 performances per year.  From as many as two to twenty performers at a time,  it matters only just that students get a chance to be in front of an audience.  However large or small the audience is should not matter,  everyone is appreciated!

Having music ready to perform at all times is the goal regardless of when recitals are scheduled.  Students are not encouraged to be on stage unless they feel satisfied with their music and ready enough to perform!  So no worries!

Performing Venues

Since most live venue stages are unavailable due to Social Distancing from COVID-19 requirements,   Zoom performances continue the process!  However,  recently performance scheduling has been varied on Zoom as it all depends on who is ready and when.  If recitals are difficult to schedule,  recording music is the optional next step to learning how to perform!  Everyone loves a great recording!  More on recitals here.
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