Each voice student is accompanied with the Steinway M.  Voice exercises are progressively customized to encourage students to reach their highest vocal abilities!

Voice students may also use Karaoke songs available on Youtube (blue tooth from their phone to the sound system),  however using the piano accompaniment option is like being in a live band or group.  There is an ebb and flow to the live music that cannot be attained with static Karaoke songs.

For song accompaniments,  vocal students may bring in any style or level of music such as popular, jazz,  opera,  classic songs,  instrumental, choir scores and much more for piano accompaniment.  Music difficulty levels may require extra time to work on before ready for accompaniment. Please ask if you have any questions about music selection.

Having a live accompanist helps with a range development processes.  Transposing songs into various keys (moving an entire song up or down in pitches) can also help set a song in the right vocal  spot for the singer (tessitura: most comfortable range to sing).  This helps develop a good sense of tonality of the singer without straining.

With a great accompanist,  a good singer can become fantastic!

What are the advantages of live accompaniment?

Whatever your level of singing,  here are some advantages:

  • Expression in the music is possible,  different than a static recording that cannot move with the singer!
  • If a singer wants to sing in live bands,  accompaniment is the best way to see how it all works!
  • Singers at every level can learn what live accompaniment can do to enhance their vocal capabilities!
  • Transposition is possible.

Live Performance Accompaniment

Although Karaoke is highly popular,  live accompaniment should not be overlooked.  There is something different about performing music with a person playing live music in the background for a singer.  Something magical happens when expression and musicality meet with the ebb and flow of the music.

What Genres of Accompaniment are available?

All styles and genres are available from classic opera to jazz, blues,  country and more.  We have it all here at Baldwin Studios.

For lessons,  song accompaniments are not charged extra.

However performing an entire recital for a soloist singer will require some type of fee if extra time is involved preparing.  Fees can be discussed before rehearsals begin.  The fee is based on accompaniment difficulty level of pieces,  as well as time needed for rehearsals.

Need an accompanist for your special event/occasion,  instrumental performance, choir,  pianist or jazz ensemble?
Please call 775-338-1082! Thank you!
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