Live performances are recorded with Baldwin Studios.  Every student who sings or plays piano should always be thinking how their singing or piano playing SOUNDS to their audience.  Having a live recording helps one understand what their audience is hearing!

Due to social distancing there are currently few opportunities to perform live, so these days a good recording can go a LONG way!

Studio Recordings

In order to record at Baldwin Studios recording studio,  some things should be in place first:

  • Music is memorized
  • Background music is chosen (vocalists)
  • Music has been worked on,  coached until a good recording will be possible.  This will be discussed when readiness is reached.
  • Ample time has been spent getting the music up to its best so a recording will take little time but just walking in and doing it!

Recordings are ideally scheduled on the weekends.

How much do recordings cost?

Time spent recording and mixing is charged the same as lesson time rates at $60hr or more depending on the project needs.  Please ask about rates prior to beginning any recording projects.

There will likely be mixing and other things involved with the recording,  so mastering will also be discussed at that time also.

Master recordings

Getting a final master copy is a process of mixing the music down from multiple tracks.  Depending on what type master recording is desired,  a master can be used just for own entertainment,  your own auditions or resale of your own music however you like.

Baldwin Studios only charges for its services of ‘time’ to create the master recordings.  Please bring your own CD’s,  or USB thumb drive to save your master!

Creating an entire album is also possible at Baldwin Studios!  If you are an aspiring artist,  having an original album is a great goal!  The sales and distribution of your own music can then happen easily however you like.

Time rates creating music backgrounds/chords for vocalists is also part of the process that will be discussed when a student is ready for recording.

Copyright (c) rules always apply to all recordings provided by Baldwin Studios.  By enrolling in lessons at Baldwin Studios you agree to follow all copyright rules and laws.  If you have any questions please ask.

Recording is available for students of Baldwin Studios.  

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