Do you have song ideas in your mind that you want to put down on paper?  Ever wonder what music writing is all about?  Wondering what a chord,  scale and harmony are all about?

Composing new music is making music no one has heard before.  This process is encouraged every step of the way!

How Does One Compose Music?

Anyone can create music by tapping on something and singing to it,  but those who can play the piano are capable of composing great music in full detail!  All students,  piano or vocal, are encouraged to create original music.

How does one create new music?

  • Starting with a small original musical idea or repetitive rhythm on the piano.
  • Put that idea along with other ideas similar.
  • Repeat the idea several times in several ways, varying that rhythm or idea in some way.
  • Memorize the tune for continuous later development.
  • Record or write the ideas into musical notes or songs.

Learning Music Theory,  Counterpoint, Orchestral arranging and band arranging are part of the art of composition.  There are also individual genres of music which have their own types of theory concepts such as Jazz harmony,  Pop theory just to name a couple.  Whichever direction a student is interested in they may choose their path wisely!


Songwriting is all about gathering lyrical ideas with words and putting them on paper like a poem.  Brainstorming large ideas on paper into smaller snippets is the key,  creating song meaning.  Learning how to create a song ‘structure’ is what the actual process is all about.  What will be the theme,  melody,  key and how will it be harmonically structured once the words are put together with music?

Songwriting is different from ‘composing’ music.  Songwriting is creating a set of lyrics that flow well together for putting music to.  It is possible to be a songwriter and not a composer.  One can also be a composer of music and harmony and not a songwriter.  Or be both!

Creating Music

With the possibility of composing and songwriting,  one can truly be a master of the music industry.  Having both skills should allow tremendous success!  When creating new music,  it is as easy as 1,2,3,4!

1.) Write words of a song on paper.  Then put chords to them by hand. 

2.) Compose notes and melodies writing each note one by one using a pencil and notation paper.

3.)  Or use a computer with music composition software:

4.)  Or compose music using a synthesizer with sounds of instruments,  sound patches,  sampled (recorded) instruments like saxophones, bass,  drums and such and mixing all of it together.

The ‘sound’ composition method is by far the most widely used today for popular music.  Tracks are put together one at a time and then mixed down into something amazing!

Here at Baldwin Studios,  all these methods are taught in some form or another depending on what direction a student prefers to proceed. 



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