What is singing?  Is it like normal talking?  Can a person just sing and it will sound good?

Singing is not the same as just talking.  Singing uses vocal muscles differently than normal speaking.  That’s why singing may seem difficult or frustrating when trying to make it work or get any kind of quality sound.

Singing has more to do with vocal breath control used in a different way than talking.  The more one understands this the better a singer one can become!  

What can help the voice?

When learning to sing,  understanding how singing muscles function and are differently emphasized is what training the voice is all about:

  • How to sing using better vocal muscle and breathing techniques.
  • How better vowel techniques can produce higher quality sound.
  • Learning what is not good for the voice and how to keep from misusing it or damaging it.
  • How to improve the vocal instrument with its unique qualities and sound type,  its range and characteristics.

How long until improvement?

Usually right away using better vocal technique!  To improve the vocal sound into a super instrument takes time depending on many factors.  With voice instruction improvement is usually seen right away regardless of prior vocal experience.

Things vocally should also become much clearer as to what may be needed to make the voice sound even better.  One small step at a time!

Do some singers have natural talent?

It depends on many factors!  Experience is one.  Singers who are able to sing without much formal instruction are rare.  Training means keeping the voice in great shape and not damaging it.  How can one know how to do that without training?  For those who may think singing is easy,  maybe they come from a family where music is constantly around them.  What may seem natural to them may be just having music around more often than the average.

Some may have musical understanding in their minds already,  gifts that may appear to shine quicker and improve faster.  For others such as the vast majority,  simply working hard at improving is really the key to success regardless!

The real question is if anyone is able to understand chords, chordal harmonic structures,  theory of music and history of musical development without being totally trained somehow?

Most don’t already have those details already understood from the get go!

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